Old Paduke Distillery, 1901 flag cancel, Paducah KY to Mattawamkeag,ME, Interesting Insert.

Price $150

Revere Tires to John Deere Plow Co. 1918 flag cancel, Perry, NY to Syracuse NY.

Price $100

FL Smith Wholesale Grocers, 1898 flag cancel, Worcester,MA . "Old Ironsides" vignette.

Price $125

Frictionless Bearings, 1905 flag cancel, Northampton, MA to Syracuse, NY.

Price $110

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Winchester Reapeting Rifles, 1898 Baltimore, MD to Abbeville, SC.

Price $150

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Horse-Shoe Brand Clothes Wringers, 1906 Roanoke, VA to Bedford City, VA.

Scarce Item!

Price $195

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