Making Philately Phun!

Specimens & Proofs:

US# 72SB

Specimen Block of 4, of the 1861 90c Washington...Cat. Value $600+

These are the types of stamps we specialize in....


What can we say about stamps that isn't already obvious? Or should be.

These are trial colors of US#2, the 10c Washington. The catalog # is 2TC1b...Valued at $800/ea.

US# TD118, 1979 Test Design, Plate Block of 4.

Catalog value is $1200.

Errors, Freaks & Oddities:

See the selection of fine and unusual stamps and stamp related items...........

US # 1509, the 1973 10c Flag....catalog value 25c.

*No other item in the world has ever realized a 

  higher value per size than a stamp?

**For their size, roughly a square inch, they are 

   stunning masterpieces of engraved miracles!

***Of all the different stamps, we prefer to offer 

     the unusual, or esoteric. In other words not 

     the common or even most sought after.

Trial Colors, Experimental & Essays: 

This is also US# 1509, missing the color blue, it becomes US#1509b, its catalog value is $150.