Postal History....

What is postal history? Think of it as the heritage or genealogy of an item that has been mailed. Here is a simple lesson or how to for sleuthing out interesting posted items.

This cover is quite NICE! Other than the stamp itself which is an 1861 US# 65. On cover it has a catalog value of about $4. However the cancellation is that of a "negative image" of a star of David. This cancel enhances the value of this cover to over $25. This and other interesting cancels are referred to as "Fancy Cancels."

Now take a look at this cover....

1)The condition is fairly sound and clean.

The back of the envelope is the same.

2) This appears to be a simple letter.

3) However if you look at the postmark it says SING SING, NY. Why is that significant?

Sing Sing is a prison in upstate NY.

4) The stamp is common, US #184.

ULTIMATELY this item becomes worth $10


These examples are just a tiny glimpse into the immense world of Postal History. To see more of these in our online store......

Now this cover is rather common postal stationary, except for the purple marking which reads " Delayed by mailing in obstructed Mail Chute." This  is known as an Auxiliary Marking .

In this case it references that this letter may have been delayed in delivery as it became stuck in a mail chute. Very unusual making this cover interesting and more valuable.

This item is worth around $25


1) Take a simple look at this cover(envelope).

 How is the condition? Is it torn or dirty?

2) What is on the cover? In this case just a simple letter. Obviously there is no advertisement or design or vignette(scene).

3)This is where it gets more look at the post mark(s) and cancel(s). In this case its a "bullseye" cancel with a Hartford, Ct postmark. The cancel is def cool, but common. Hartford, Ct was a very busy post office and this postmark is also very common.

4)The stamp itself...this requires some experience or the Scott Catalogue. In this case this is a  US Scott#184 3cent Washington. Very common and the catalogue prices this stamp on a cover for just over $1.

Ultimately this Item is worth $1 at most!


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